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Jakten på Sveriges bästa landskapsmat

Husmansbord® är ett varumärke och koncept från Svensk Landskapsmat, Pelle Agorelius AB på Saxhytte Gård strax norr om Grythyttan. Utvecklingen drivs av Jakten på Sveriges bästa landskapsmat och tar utgångspunkt i råvarans ursprung och livsmedelsprodukters kvalitet. När detta översätts till serverad mat skapas affärsmässiga nätverk mellan livsmedelsproducenter, butiker och restauranger. Livsmedelsproducenter som lämnar in produkter till bedömning av en oberoende och kompetent panel, har inte bara möjligheten att få sin produkt diplomerad utan får också en återkoppling, ”feedback”, på hur de olika paneldeltagarna upplevt produkten utifrån vilka förväntningar som skapas när man möter den på samma sätt som en kund möter den i butik. Hela Husmansbord®processen kallas för tillämpad mervärdesanalys* och går ut på idén att fokus på fördelar och förtjänster utvecklar matens mervärden, för kundens bästa.*Upplevelsen är summan av brukandet/besöket minus förväntningarna, U=B-F®

Lattjo Pop

LivsstilPosted by Pelle Agorelius Wed, June 04, 2014 21:44:15
Här är en nyhet på engelska!

LattjoPOP is a new way for self employed parents to network, socialise and promote their brand. It is a pop-up store, children's crèche and business hub for parents and businesses targeting families. LattjoPOP is situated on 544 Streatham High Road (SW16) , where parents can meet while the children play. Lattjo is launching on the 21st of June with a Swedish Midsummer themed party for families and kids. Tickets include food, drinks, crafts, games and goody bags for the children, and a quiz where the winner gets a hamper from TotallySwedish filled with SwedishHusmansbord awarded food products and other goodies.

"We're launching LattjoPOP with a party in order to introduce parents in south west London to the Lattjo concept, space and staff", says founder and manager Isra Al Kassi.

Three years ago, at the age of 22, Swedish-born single mother and Streathamite Isra Al Kassi set up LatteMama, which is an online business and blog for and about children's clothing, with support from The Prince's Trust.

"I realised how hard it is to network as a single mother running a business. So, the idea for a meeting place for professional parents was born. Lattjo is Swedish slang for fun, and POP stands for Pop Up. There's a lack of permanent places for families to have a full day out and enjoy all things for the family at once. Thanks to the strong community spirit in Streatham, it is the perfect place for a hub catering to parents and businesses targeting families."

LattjoPOP is set up as a pop up store. It's financed partly via a crowd funding project, donations from businesses, individuals and sponsors.
"I'm pleased with the amount we've raised so far", continues Isra Al Kassi, "and I believe that we have what it takes to make this work. London is seeing an increase in family friendly cafés, but at LattjoPOP we're taking it to the next level.The premises is a 512 ftq space, with three rooms which will encompass a playroom occasionally transformed into a crèche".
The crèche will be supervised by CRB checked and experienced child carers. It will have a café which can be rented fully equipped to home bakers, cupcake makers or juicing enthusiasts wanting to try out their product and services on the high street.
The retail spot at LattjoPOP will have rails and shelves ready for any crafters, designers or retailers of any kind to showcase their products and sell at a family focused platform.

"We have several activities planned for the summer, including a film club, a book reading club, work-shops for self employed parents, and much more. The possibilities are endless."

Fees for the different activities and space hire is listed on the website:
LattjoPOP is a not-for-profit organisation and Isra has pledged to contribute with the rent through hiring a rail for her own children's clothing store LatteMama. Volunteering will be encouraged in order to keep costs down. Any money made by those who rent themselves into the space are theirs to keep, and any money which LattjoPOP makes goes straight back to into the community centre.

Tickets to the Midsummer launch event on the 21st of June are available, starting at £8 for 1 adult and £5 for children over 5. Children under 5 go free.

"My aim is for LattjoPOP to be a haven for families, babies and tired carers. It’s a new way for self-employed parents to network, socialize and promote their brands. If LattjoPOP is successful in Streatham I'd like to set it up in other parts of London".

Book tickets for the Midsummer party launch 21st of June: for the event include: TotallySwedish, Husmansbord, Fria Gluten Free, LatteMama, Konsum Värmland, Värmlandschark, Konsum Värmland bakery, Torfolk gård, Pyramidbageriet, Allerum ost, Leksandsbröd, Saxhyttegubben and CloseUp PR.

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